Wednesday, October 26, 2011


what are you doing....
its always getting wrong and worst...

quite, noisy, working, laughing, smiling, biting, and anything else you do..
it make you cry inside...
why its happen.
no one know, only you.. except  "Allah" He always know about you..

what you should do now, after you know that...
nothing or do something...
it always same...
it right to you.. but not to other..
it not right to you.. but right to other..

when you start thinking it not right..
it always wrong no matter what are you doing..
but when you start thinking its right...
you are think twice or more to say it wrong, although sometime you can see that its wrong..

why this happen..
its is call life..

"heart"~ very important for everybody..
this can make you do anything..
when you can control your heart..
it good for you..
but not everybody can control, take care their heart..
so... dont easily to blame other if them cannot control or take care their heart..
when we feel pain, remember they also feel pain...
just go with it, with smile... and dont say that it wrong..
but dont make them feel lost and empty...
yes... it hard to do that...
it only can when we do with sincerely..
difficult to find that person..
coz everybody have their heart..
but when you so hard trying that..
actually you carry more burden then other.. 
just bear it or not..
it up to you...
that your heart...
you do what the best..
and just accept it, if they think wrong or not..
you must bear it..
coz it your desicion..
nothing it always right, although we think it right..

what i'm saying it not always right..
it depend to other to thinking what are right..
coz our thought it not always same...

*just smile what happen now, coz its always be learning..